Educational and Psychological Testing for Ages 6 Through Young Adulthood


1. Initial Consultation

The initial consultation is the first step in the testing process. This meeting lasts approximately one hour and is used to determine if testing may be helpful given the current set of concerns stated by the parents. Children do not attend the initial consultation. This time is also used to gather background history and to answer any remaining questions related to the testing process and what parents can expect to gain through the testing. Following the Initial Consultation testing will be scheduled.

2. Testing Administration

This process typically takes 6-8 hours depending on the type of testing being completed. At times, shorter assessments may be appropriate to re-evaluate a specific area. However, more comprehensive testing is often required to best understand a child’s specific struggles.

3. Collaboration with Child’s Support Team

With informed consent of the legal guardians, Dr. Nitz will gather information from the child’s current support team which often includes: teachers, tutors, pediatricians and other supports.

4. Feedback to Parents

Following the completion of testing, parents are provided with clear feedback of their child’s test results including specific recommendations and supports to assist the child in their current struggles. This session will last 1-1 ½ hours.

5. Feedback to Child

Dr. Nitz also provides the child with their own individual feedback that is focused on their strengths and helps them to understand why certain recommendations were made to help support them in their educational and/ or emotional growth. This session will last 30 minutes.

6. Report

A comprehensive report is generated a few weeks after the feedback is provided.

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